Improvisational pianist Beth Green is creating intuitively-guided healing piano music that is unique, startling, beautiful, stimulating and emotionally compelling. And it is transforming and healing people.

Improvisational pianist Beth Green is creating intuitively-guided piano music that is unique, startling, beautiful, mentally stimulating and emotionally compelling.


Beth is a well-known intuitively-guided counselor and teacher, and her special healing music has already demonstrated an ability to:

  • Stimulate and perhaps even rewire the brain, helping us overcome cognitive impairment, as well as other conditions
  • Increase our clarity, energy and stamina
  • Bring up old emotions and help us transcend them
  • Strengthen our determination and courage, and more that we will discover

As of this writing, Beth has already 7 hours of totally improvised transformational, healing music, each piece impacting us in a different way. And she's just getting started.

This music needs to reach people, and you can be a part of that. The purpose of the Healing Arts Explosion is to co-create an online community of people using the music for healing of all kinds. And the purpose of the community is not only to increase our personal clarity and well-being, but to increase our individual and collective power to bring greater awareness, peace and progress to our world. 

Your participation is crucial. You can be part of this community not only by being a member, donating and actively listening to this healing music. You can also contribute your questions, comments and even your own content by participating in the Online Community Forum, as long as your contribution has been inspired by the music and has been created while listening to it.

Try a free 21-day trial membership, after which, consider becoming a supporting member of the Healing Arts Explosion community. Membership levels start at only $30/month and they are tax-deductible.

Here are the benefits available to ALL members, including those with the most basic membership:

  • Be a part of something unique and impactful.
  • Access this music 24/7 online.
  • Learn about all the associated healing opportunities available here.
  • Avail yourself of the Community Forum, providing free mutual support.
  • Utilize Transformational Music Log to track experiences and changes with the music.
  • Interact with the music by creating your own art, photography, movement, words, silence, whatever is right for you, while listening.
  • Share videos and images of you participating with the music.
  • Follow Beth's blog on music, intuition & healing.

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Healing Music

Listen to samples of this healing music


Beth Introduces the Healing Arts Explosion!

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UKRAINE: Confronting Brutality & Finding Strength

Improvisational pianist Beth Green has been creating intuitively-guided music to help us transform on every level. As she sat down to intuit another piece of music, she couldn't stop thinking about Ukraine. This is the music that emerged. It has 3 movements. It brings us through sadness, determination and even hope for all of us who are facing brutality in any form.

More about the music and the love that inspired it. It all started with a loving couple and a piano.


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More about the music and the love that inspired it. It all started with a loving couple and a piano.

While this healing music has impacted many people in many ways, it started with a woman, her husband and the tragedy of cognitive decline. Here's how that happened. Beth Green is an intuitively-guided counselor, author and musician. She and her husband James were watching James suffer cognitive decline for years. He had had to quit work in 2012 and should have quit before that. In addition to memory problems, he had trouble tracking and thinking clearly. He was losing memory and exercising more and more poor judgment. Despite having lived a brain-healthy lifestyle for 3 years (which had been helping slow the decline), he was beginning to lose the battle to “save the brain,” and they were scared.

On September 20, 2021 Beth had the inspiration to use her intuition to improvise piano music that might stimulate James’ brain. After she played for 15 minutes, James felt the impulse to do a brain exercise that measures memory. After listening to the music for only 15 minutes, his score went up 2 percentiles in his age group, and this was after months of no improvement or decline.

And that was just the beginning. Right after that, Beth started to record more and more music, stimulating different aspects of the brain and spirit. And they started sharing the music with others who had different issues. (But more about that later.) And since starting to listen to the music, James’ dementia has significantly been reversed, and his brain function has dramatically improved. He is not 100% recovered, and he has ups and downs, but during the first 90 days of listening to the music, his Brain HQ objective testing scores went up 70 percentiles, in contrast to having declined 4 percentiles in the previous three months. At the same time, they started witnessing progress in people who were using the music for purposes other than cognitive decline.

So what has happened to James? We wish we could say that he is totally “recovered,” but he isn’t. Yet his progress is astonishing, and Beth and James no longer fear that his impairment will compel them to move to a residence.

But here’s James. Let him tell you about his story, his struggles and his victories.

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Other people have been helped, too, with a variety of conditions. Hear their stories of hope and determination.

After watching James improve, the next question was: Could the music help others? Could it help others with dementia, anxiety, depression or other chronic conditions of different kinds? Could it help healthy people?

As we mentioned before, some of Beth’s clients tried the music too, then some others who were not her clients, and this experimentation has shown that not only has this music demonstrated the ability to improve James’ brain function, it has helped him and others to transform emotionally and physically. For example, people have broken long-standing behavioral patterns, experienced more vitality and reported other improvements. And there’s another miracle here. Despite a lifetime of chronic illness, pain and weakness, Beth herself is stronger and has more energy than before, and she is walking significantly more. Just being able to perform this music is a miracle. Beth has been disabled since she was 15, and she didn’t even play the piano from the ages of 15 to 73. By improvising, she gained the capacity to play the piano again. But now, through improvising and then listening to this music herself, she has gained remarkable strength and agility even though she is in her late 70s.

We don’t know if this music will help you. That’s why we are offering a 21-day free trial membership. But for it to work, you have to make the effort to listen to the music in a focused way AT LEAST 30 minutes a day or more. It takes discipline and determination, but if it works, it will be worth it.

Listen to these honest testimonials:

Lizzie Treeheart, Eugene, OR
Todd Benton, San Diego, CA
Tracey Sridharan, Phoenix, AZ

Do I have to get counseling for this music to work? No, but it could help. 

Do I have to get counseling for this music to work? No, but it could help. 

The impact of the music is incontrovertible, but support helps, too.
Consider doing both.

This music has had a significant impact, but not in a vacuum. The people who have experienced the biggest transformations have both listened to the music regularly and have gotten counseling from Beth, but you might find you need other forms of support.

(Fees for counseling are not tax-deductible, because you are paying for a service rather than donating to the cause.)

We recommend Stream Counseling with Beth because we know her, she is extraordinarily intuitive, and she understands the music and its impact. But you are certainly welcome to utilize other trusted counselors instead.

Just to be clear, the music has also worked for people who are not in counseling, if they stick with it and use it properly (see the FAQs for tips.) For example, Karen Moeller from Deadwood, Oregon, wrote to us about her experience. Speaking about Beth's healing music, Karen is listening to the music every day and feeling different, even without getting counseling from Beth. She shared her experience with us:

"It always gives me energy and calm in the moment, and those moments become momentum that helps with the ups and downs. I can feel how it’s changing me... physically and mentally... though hard to put in words. I'm doing more self-care, my eye hurts less.

Once when I was listening to it, my daughter called, and I was laughing, feeling so good from the piece I was listening to, that she was very surprised and asked if I would share it with her."

- Karen Moeller

The impact of the music is incontrovertible, but support helps, too. Consider doing both.

Like everthing in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

Listen to samples of the music

How to Get Started

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